6 Best Places For a Date in Tokyo

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What to Do in Yokohama in 24 Hours

Place of Worship. The statue stands at Amusement Park. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. Weekdays is few people. The food in the park is expensive.

Yokohama dating guide advises how to pick up Japanese girls and how If you have made arrangements to meet at the myriad of night spots.

In Tokyo the beautiful autumn foliage has made room for another pretty sight; Christmas Illuminations! The many Christmas lights shine bright again, bringing a feeling of happiness to many and clearly marking the start of festive december season. Westerners typically celebrate the days with their family members, having a turkey for dinner and exchanging presents.

However, Japanese people are likely to spend time with a loved one. As Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, Christmas its largely celebrated in the weeks before. Several Christmas markets and illumination spots pop up all around town.

Explore Yokohama

As one of the first Japanese ports to open to the world in the late Edo era , Yokohama has retained its international vibe and historical charm while developing into a massive modern metropolis over the past century. In recent years, Yokohama — popular for having the most scenic cruise terminal in Japan — has been developed into a tourist hotspot with many new attractions and hotels being built in the area.

There are plenty of things to do in Yokohama, including eating your way through Chinatown, zipping around the city with a Segway, riding a roller coaster over the sea, seeing a life-sized Gundam statue, and going on a retail therapy at the many massive shopping complexes. So check out our picks of the 50 best things to do in Yokohama, head down south and start exploring this beautiful city, accessible in just 30 minutes from central Tokyo or Haneda Airport.

Five storeys of fun in an old post office — welcome to Asobuild, where you can do something different on every floor: there’s a kids-only mega-playground on the fourth, pottery and other crafts on the third, interactive art on the second, restaurants on the first and so on. This art-enthusiast hotspot serves as one of the main venues for Yokohama Triennale and displays works showing an interplay of European and Japanese modern and contemporary art.

In this article we will highlight all the MUST visit places in this prefecture. A lot of people consider Yokohama to be a romantic dating spot where y.

Yokohama is full of an array of quirky museums, the largest Chinatown in Japan, and world-class shopping that would satisfy any sort of shopper. Yes, you read that correctly a whole museum dedicated to CupNoodles. The CupNoodle Museum has something for everyone such as the huge athletic facility that offers the virtual experience of being a noodle in a huge factory and going through the entire manufacturing process from making the noodles to shipping them which is great for kids to experience.

You could try your hand at making your own Chicken Ramen by hand in the factory or create your own completely original CupNoodles package, which is unavailable anywhere else in the world. There is also a great museum shop so you can get something to take home from this unusual place. Take in the fragrant smells of nikuman meat buns , geppei mooncakes , and other varieties of steamed deliciousness lining the streets as you float from store to store.

Come with an empty stomach and see how long you can last before stepping in line to try it all yourself.

5 Things That Shocked This British Woman About Dating Men in Japan

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Sankeien Gardens.

The architectural icon for Yokohama City offers great views from the observatory deck m above ground. Since I travel nearly every year to Japan. The rail pass made my life easier to discover all those amazing places in my favourite country. Yokohama Marine Tower was open for the public on January 15 in The tower served as a lighthouse till After some renovation work in the tower was reopened during the celebration of the th anniversary of the Yokohama port open for foreign trade in

Best Places To Meet Girls In Yokohama & Dating Guide

This subreddit is for news and information relating to Tokyo and the surrounding metropolitan area. This may include meetups or things that will effect Tokyo residents. Looking for cool places? Check out our recommendations series. Read the question thread before posting. Keep your questions and meet up post there.

Tourism guide to the suburbs of Yokohama, including the Okurayama It is a popular recreation spot for families or as a dating venue for Japanese couples.

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Yokohama 横浜

The venue is also popular for wedding proposals. A well-established French restaurant that opened in Fresh vegetables from local farms are used to infuse a Yokohama quality to traditional French fare. She is said to have been a real existing person, approximately years ago in China. Here you will also find Yue Xia Lao Ren, the Chinese match making deity in addition to other deities that symbolize fertility and smooth birth.

Whether you live in Yokohama or you’re just visiting while on holiday This is another good spot for a date night, because it’s just so peaceful.

One of the most popular activities for people of all ages is the Cup Noodles Museum — a fun, interactive and informative look into the history of instant noodles. For an additional fee you can make your own cup noodles and draw your own designs on the cup. Why not dedicate yours to your significant other or make matching cups? Just remember to make a reservation first.

A short walk from the museum is Cosmo World Amusement Park, which is a small, but fun, theme park. There is no entrance fee to the park — you just pay individually for each ride that you want to go on. These were built in the 20th Century to serve the port, but have now been turned into boutique shops and restaurants. Events are also often held on the open ground level between the two buildings.

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Yokohama Hakkejima Sea Paradise is a great dating option during rainy season. It’s a large complex that contains aquariums, an amusement park, a shopping mall, restaurants, a hotel and a marina. The Aqua Resort and Dolphin Fantasy aquariums are indoors and can be enjoyed even if it rains.

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We use cookies to improve our contents. Check the detail and update your settings here. Yokohama Yokohama is a popular destination when visiting Tokyo. Minato Mirai, Chinatown, and the surrounding coastal area, in particular, are great places to explore day and night for free. This article introduces ten great places to visit and activities that don’t cost any yen.

Yokohama is Tokyo’s famous neighbor.

Fun and Romantic Things to Do in Yokohama at Night

It has beautiful scenery, great restaurants, and a great atmosphere for couples to enjoy! This is a popular spot in Yokohama Japan not just because of the boat cruises, but also the beautiful scenery that makes walking through it a fantastic experience. If you find yourself wanting just to walk around, then this is the spot for you!

Yokohama Tours, Sightseeing & Cruises: Check out Viator’s reviews and photos You can reserve your spot today and pay when you’re ready. an amazing collection of traditional Japanese architecture some even can dating back to

Yokohama as nature made it is oceans, hills and surrounding mountains. Onto this lovely canvas man has added gardens and shopping malls, temples and towers and, like so many of its national cousins, it comes complete with a skyline of soaring skyscrapers. Yokohama has a distinctly more relaxed air which has rather more elements at times of a charming coastal town than a heaving metropolis or major port which is why it is not just popular with oversees visitors but also the Japanese themselves including Tokyoites on day trips.

Some of the essential and distinctive elements of this city have come about because of its colorfully-interesting history. It was one of the first places in the country to which foreigners came, both to trade and settle, once Japan opened its doors to the outside world in the 19th century after a long era of closed-away isolation.

Such a story explains the existence of a vast Chinatown, the area of Yamate which has all the appearance of a European suburb and a general air of internationalization which has influenced its architecture, cuisine and overall diversity. The city has also known its share of tragedy. The great earthquake of left thousands of dead and the city in many places as nothing more than piles of rubble. No sooner had it got up from its figurative knees than World War II arrived and again Yokohama saw death and destruction on a grand scale as it burned and collapsed under a spate of bombing raids.

But, once more, the city got to its feet, reconstructing and reinventing itself while incorporating what had survived structurally from older times so that Yokohama today is full of the fascinating, special and even the entirely unique. The following day itinerary has been put together to allow you to make the most of your Yokohama time and ensure all of its major must-sees play a part in your visit. The majority of these are huddled around the ultra-modern Minato Mirai area while the center of the city generally is relatively compact which means you can explore on foot.

If you choose to preserve your energy though or want to travel a little further afield where choices are presented to you the city has an efficient and extensive subway system. Of this, the Minato Mirai 21 line which runs between the principal harbor area and Chinatown is pretty much all you are going to need for your exciting day ahead.

Yokohama Tire Tips #2 – How to Read a Tire Sidewall

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